1) Off-Season Skill Development Clinics

Provide your child with the love and passion to develop fundamental skills and knowledge to play baseball at an ever improving level. We offer 3 terms of Clinics (Fall, Winter and Spring) with up to twenty-one 90 minute sessions of progressive and meanngful instruction and fedback.  

2) Best Summer Baseball Camp Deal in the City!!!

For 2017 The East York Baseball Camp will be available for 9 weeks in the summer. In it's 8th year of operation the traditional camp will provide opportunities this summer for players (ages 6-14) of all ability ranges to develop their baseball knowledge and skills at Stan Wadlow Park (near Cosburn and Woodbine).

Each camper will have their own dedicated instructor and the support of instructors-in-training for the week and receive daily feedback on their progress. Campers can sign up in the afternoon for at least one private 25 minute session with an instructor who is an expert at either Pitching, Back Catching, Hitting, Base Running or Specialized Infield Work (i.e., scooping the ball at 1st) or Outfield Work (tracking balls from all angles).

The Regular Camp runs for 9 weeks throughout the 2017 summer.
Week 1     July 3-7
Week 2     July 10-14
Week 3     July 17-21
Week 4     July 24-28
Week 5     July 31-Aug 4
Week 6     Aug 8-11
Week 7     Aug 14-18
Week 8     Aug 21-25 FULL
Week 9     Aug 28-Sept 1 (Limited Spots for regular awesome camp if born in 2004-2007 contact Andrew)

Campers are grouped according to playing ability and age. There are always enough campers of a wide range of abilities to form appropriate groupings.


                                        2017 REP TEAM WEEKS                                                 2017 SELECT TEAM WEEKS
Week 1 July 3-7               Minor Rookie A                                                                    Mosquito Red Select      
Week 2 July 10-14                                                                                                      Peewee Select
Week 3 July 17-21        
Week 4 July 24-28           Rookie AAA, Minor Peewee AAA                                          Mosquito Black Select
Week 5 July 31-Aug 4      Minor Rookie AAA, Mosquito AAA 
Week 6 Aug 8-11             
Week 7 Aug 14-18           Minor Mosquito A

On Deck Program (Beginners going into SK and Grade 1; Ages 4 and 5)

Week 6    Aug 8-11
Week 7    Aug 14-18
Week 8    Aug 21-25 Full
Week 9    Aug 28-Sept 1 FULL
Preparation for September Rep Tryouts (all ages)
Week 8    Aug 21-25 FULL
Week 9    Aug 28-Sept 1 FULL